Day 1: Skopje - National Park Mavrovo - Ohrid

After arrival in Skopje, we will begin with tour of the capitol. River Vardar divides the city into two parts. Old and traditional, ottoman architecture with museums, churches, mosques, hammam and An in the right bank of the river are witness of the old history. But, sightseeing is not finished here because the famous Stone Bridge connect the old with new part of the city. In the other bank of river Vardar are square, pedestrian street, trade centers, restaurants, cafes and House of Mother Teresa. To reach the Ohrid we will be passing through National Park Mavrovo and visit Monastery Saint John the Baptist, where hospitable monks will show us their way of life.

Day 2: Ohrid - St Naum - Ohrid

Start this morning with sightseeing of Ohrid who is like journey through the centuries where you can feel the spirit of every civilization which has been in Ohrid during the 2500 years long history. In three hours walking tour you can see a lot of monuments and hear a lot of stories about the Churches museums, fortress, ancient theater, architecture and crafts. Only 30 kilometers of Ohrid on the most southern point of the Ohrid Lake built on the high rock over the lake is Monastery dedicated to Saint Naum. Reconstructed church from the 16th century with his remaining from the century before together with springs of the river Black Drim makes this attraction the most visited place in Macedonia. Tonight we will enjoy in delicious food accompanied with Macedonian Folk show and live music.

Day 3: Elbasan - Tirana

After breakfast, transfer to Elbasan. The Elbasan castle and its surrounding walls speak of military significance in early Ottoman Empire. Upon arrival in Tirana, we begin a sightseeing tour of Tirana with visits to the Skanderbeg Square; the Et’hem Bey Mosque with very interesting decorations and art-work within it; the National Historical museum easily recognizable due to a huge mosaic standing on top of its front façade; the block area and main administrative buildings. To be this excursion complete we decided to bring you in restaurant where you will try famous Skanderbeg Brandy. Returning back in Ohrid.

Day 4: Ohrid - Bitola - Tikves Winery - Skopje Airport

Today journey will take us to the second largest city of Macedonia - city of Bitola. Walking through the longest pedestrian street in the country, you will feel high level of culture in the traditional style, surrounded with old architecture. Very old mosques, churches, clock tower, trade centre from XV cen. and old bazar will take your attention, so you will enjoy in every second spent there. Lots of cafes and restaurants are in the program. No more history, it’s time for tasting food and good wine. For that purpose, we will visit one of the largest winery in South Eastern Europe - Tikves Kavadarci... Your tour comes to the end with transfer to the Skopje Airport.